Harvesting the power of the sun

Portable Solar Powered Water Pumps for Small Farmers in Cambodia

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Your KingPump kit includes

KingPump SF2

Water pump

Solar Panels

Two 90W solar panels

Extra parts

FuturePump parts pack

10 Year Warranty

Parts and labor free of charge!

Trusted by farmers around the world

“Before purchasing my solar water pump I was using more than 1 liter of gasoline everyday.”

Von Sary
Tbong Khmum Province

"My solar water pump I only had to pay for once. Now I use the sun everyday and don’t have to pay for fuel. I turn it on in the morning and go do other work."

Cham Sok
Svay Rieng Province

“I used my solar water pump to irrigate my vegetable plots. Before I had to pay to fill up my fish ponds. Now I use my solar water pump for this purpose as well and save money on both parts of my business.”

Lim Bav
Kampot Province

Easier & Cheaper Farming

Suitable for farmers who are pumping water from shallow wells (up to 7m), rivers, lakes and streams

Don't pay for fuel

Grow more instead of spending money on fuel


Move your KingPump and panels anywhere you need them

Button start

Turn on the pump with the touch of a button! One-Button “Easy-ON” start.

Modern technology

Versatile - you can use it for direct irrigation or for pumping into a tank

Long-Lasting and Repairable – The pump is built to last 10+ years. If one part breaks it can be replaced.


Free energy- KingPump uses free, reliable energy from the sun to irrigate your crops.

Don't buy gasoline- One KingPump can save up to 350 litres of gasoline a year!


Free energy- FuturePump uses free, reliable energy from the sun to irrigate your crops.

Don't buy gasoline- One FuturePump can save up to 350 liters of gasoline a year!

Technical specifications

Comprises of the pump and 2 separate solar panels.

  • KingPump SF2
  • 2 units of 90W Special HIGH-Voltage Panels
  • Total lift of pump is 15m
  • Horizontal distance up to 500m+
  •  Draws water from a maximum depth of 7 meter

About us

We are the only Authorised Distributor of FuturePump in Cambodia. Our team has over 50 years of experience combined in the solar water pump and distribution business.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the maximum suction depth of the pump and what is the maximum lift? 
A: The maximum suction depth is 7 m, similar to most surface piston pumps. The maximum total lift is 15 m. If your suction depth is 7 m you can still lift an additional 8 m on the discharge side. If the suction depth is only 2 m you can push up to 13 m on the discharge side.

 Q: What is the maximum horizontal distance the pump can pump over on a fairly flat area?
A: As long as the size of the pipe remains the same, the distance should not be limited. We have experience with a distance of 500 m+. The gradient does play a role here. Bad connections lead to leakage which will reduce the distance. Smaller pipes will increase the back-pressure leading to a shorter distance.

Q: What is the horsepower or discharge rate? 
A: In full sun, the 2 x 90 Watt (180W) panels generate power that can pump 3,500 L/hour at 1 m head and 2,500 L/hour at 6 m head.Q:

What is the size of land that can be irrigated with the pump? 
A: Up to 1 Hectare can be comfortably irrigated with the pump. This is however dependent on climate, soil, gradient, crop type, planting cycles and additional watering methods. In some situations, only a smaller area is possible in others a larger area.

Q: What diameter of pipes can the pump be connected to? 
A: The pump functions optimally with a 1.25-inch hose pipe.

Q: Are spare parts available and what is the warranty?  
A. We (FuturePump) offer a 10 year warranty with the SF2. In case of proper handling of the pump, any broken parts will be repaired or replaced during this warranty period. We only sell in areas where we are certain we have trained technicians who offer maintenance and have spare parts available.

Q: What is the lifetime of the pump? 
A: What is the lifetime of a bicycle? It depends on how you treat it. The solar panel has a lifespan of 10 years. The pump is likely to last 10 to 15 years.3. Solar panel

Q: Can the solar panel that comes with the pump be used for other appliances, like to charge a battery? 
A: We provide an auxiliary cable with a USB connection that can be used to charge small appliances like a telephone. However we do not recommend charging a battery, as without a charge controller, the panel can be damaged and ruin your battery. Instead, we suggest using a storage tank as you can pump to it during the day and use gravity flow to irrigate whenever you choose.

Q: Can the solar panel be dismantled to avoid theft at night? 
A: Yes, the solar panel can easily be unplugged, and its hinged design makes it easy to carry and store.

Q: Can the solar panel or pump be tracked when it is stolen? 
A: All SF2 pumps include remote monitoring with simple geo-location tracking using Google Maps. For an additional fee GPS can also be added to increase the accuracy of location tracking.